Jörg Petruschat, Angelika Petruschat (Ed.)
design − design

Design Dictionary


english-german, german-english
352 pages,
9,0 x 15,5 cm
thread stiching, plastic binding

12 illustrations by Mariko Takagi
»Describing forms and objects«
by Chup Friemert

ISBN 978-3-935053-14-3

17,00 Euro

Sponsored by

Stiftung Kunstfonds


Your client from Germany doesn't understand you? Because you are missing the right words? Not because you are nervous, but because you have reached the limits of your classroom German when it comes to precisely those terms that you require to illustrate the essential details of your design?


Such inevitable speechlessness is the nightmare of all team sessions and can be embarrassing during presentations. Wouldn't it be helpful in such situations to have a little book that you could pull out of your pocket, and which would contain all the terminology that is not used in everyday German?


»design − design« is a practical dictionary that incorporates profes-sional design terminology in German and English. This little volume is designed to fit into any coat pocket and always be at hand when you need to convey distinctive details and qualities of designs that go beyond classroom-level language. We have refrained as much as possible from providing explanations. This is not meant to be an encyclopedia, and we don't intend to prescribe how every user should interpret each individual word.


This project as an initial step, is version 1.0.